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One Dam, Two Gates, Lock and Key

Heal if you can.

A table of five turned a grieving ground

An old and a blind men’s voice swarmed my lungs,

Left my mind a hive full of resentment,

The key of the present pressure stomping on my cage’s dome

An odd fight broke out, in a second it was done

Never thought dam gates were so frail

They flooded for a final time

One strike was enough to shut the eyes of my mind


Two fierce marble spheres engulfed me with a disgust for my sentiments

And my teeth felt unwelcome in their sockets

My heart sank into my guts and laid bare in gastric acid,

Locked all that shit in there, the pus of the eye,

The seal of the weak, and the lube of the cruel

Why this brush strike? Asymmetric and bare-knuckled,

Unfit in its place, the whole piece dangles tilted

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Kerim Arslan
Kerim Arslan
Sep 25, 2023

Başarılar diliyorum. Kalemine sağlık Oğul



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