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Butcher of Skies

Even gods turn to ashes

And demons could freeze

Better to keep the wind as a breeze

Or the entire thing crashes with ease

Make sure to remember

That all can evolve

What it was before

Isn’t it’s definition as a whole

Just cause you’re holy

Doesn’t mean you’re pretty

Hephaestus was fucking ugly

But he could’ve blessed us wholly

Make sure to remember

We’re all born monsters too

You’re not at the center

It’s forced mutuality, plain brutality

Don’t fear the fire, but beware the fall

Don’t you turn a liar, It’d be your downfall

Don’t have any fear of what you are

Forget balance, just double down

Rip the sky to shreds with your talons

I’ll watch as it happens

Make sure the fallout isn’t near me

What’s sweet can turn ugly

With gallons of gasoline, quickly


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