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As it came, so it went.

As it came, so it went

Deletion of the Nameless

Sent it down the drain

Curses followed such as the plague

Such as disasters, such as accidents

Such as every children attempting

To cry out It’s name

Anyone could tell the story,

How it didn’t have a name

Yet children could never understand

Until they drained their breath to death

From cradle, straight to grave


Steer all the cats away from mirrors For they may be two all of a sudden They may fall ill and evil they may summon In their most wicked dreams, they are the killers

Don’t play with your hair as if it belongs to you Little creatures may fall out with little eyes Don’t let them sing their lovely songs to you For you shall end up the only one who cries

Steer the cats away from the tiny creatures Don’t let them look eye to eye Mistake my words not with a preachers You will understand pain when you hear their battle cry


When the lines were blurry

Between who we were, could be

Grass we hid in covered our sins

We felt freedom

Through painted glasses

Now there’s fire in the gardens

Glass is broken, revealing our true nature

Ones with fangs never shared a prize fair

Or right

Choosing to attach chains each ones arm

Muddy taste of freedom, like wine

We didn’t know how to taste one

Just drank to get drunk

For the sake of the moonlight

So it could fool our bellies

As if it was fine blood

No lines was not freedom enough


Your notions of sin

Lead you within

To the garden of his

To bite in to this

Roaches roam the earth

With a wickedness in their stride

Worms follow the rot

Reaching down your troat

Grows in you then it grows on you

You carry the seeds of defiance

Like it’s your own flesh and blood

Not a bad delusion to hold on to


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